Procrastinating Perfectionista?

1. Yes, perfectionista, I like to make up words got it? Good.
2. I make up words because I am not very good with words that have been made up already.
3. This is NOT my first time trying to blog, but the attempt was futile this time last year.

Futile attempt? Yes, I had every intention of having a blog, something to keep me accountable, something that I could look back on and recount the awesome year I had, the new things I experienced and learned from. My mistake? Putting that beginner blog on Tumblr. Now, I am not saying tumblr is bad, in fact, it is the complete opposite, it’s fabulous. Full of quotes of inspiration, recipes to try and a whole bunch of pretty pictures – please take note of the title – I would like to take the time to put an emphasis on the procrastinating half of procrastinating perfectionista.

The problem with Tumblr is that there were so many distrations when I logged on, so I am hoping that with a dedicated page where I can come and write my thoughts out I will be better at this and be writing on a more regular basis.

So here I am, at the beginning of a new chapter in my life, hoping to make a more successful run of my blogging and that some of you will share in this experience with me.


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