My 5 Year Journal

Thanks to a lovely little thing called Tumblr (yes… this is part of my pre-pinterest days) I found a website that had an idea about writing a 5 year journal. This lovely website is called Get it Scrapped and has a whole bunch of great ideas for a many number of things; but one thing that I have been watching very closely is the the 5 year journal and Tami Taylor does a very good job of explaining what it is here.

On this website there are questions divided by month to be answered each day, and the idea is that for 5 years you will go through and answer these questions and compare the change from year to year. The idea I had had was that once I was finally married I would start this and then compare it for the first 5 years I  have been together with the Hubby because I am very certain that these years are going to be full of changes.

It would have been nice to start Nov. 1 but that is silly, really, to start something 4 days before your big day and… well …. I was losing my mind at that point. So. I decided I am going to start this Dec 1 and hopefully keep up with this for the full time (I have a really bad habit of starting stuff and not finishing it) So, here we go and I will hopefully be able to update you on the success and not just one more thing that got pushed to the side.


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