Weekend ramblings

So many partial thoughts. Too many things started but never finished. Seriously, though, story of my life.

The first 2 weeks of January have been such a blur. This weekend I sat at home, full intentions of keeping busy, cleaning, and purging to make the house seem like the Mr. and I are not slobs,  meal planning and baking, because I LOVE my new KitchenAid mixer,  and maybe tackling some of those bigger household tasks — and also making sure that some of that time is me time.

Then reality hit and I did the routine dishes and kitchen tidy that Saturday mornings get but the spent the whole day watching my newest guilty pleasure “Pretty Little Liars”– it’s bad — writing this right now I am already on the second season. Netflix makes the task of television watching way too easy. There was no purging, no meal planning, no baking.

I went through stages of how I felt about this. At first I was actually very angry with myself, I had made a schedule and planned out what needed to be done. Then came the talking myself out of it, realizing it happened and there is really nothing I could do about it now, except divided up as things to do after work throughout the week. And now, I sit here writing, and I realized that maybe that was exactly what I needed; getting back into a schedule after the holidays is tough and then to add a new (very, very) part time job on top of everything else I am doing meant that I have had to adjust schedules that have already been set.

So I guess what I have learned from the weekend is that, getting nothing done from time to time is not a bad thing. It’s better to be refreshed for a week of crazy work then to completely exhaust yourself.


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