busy, busy, busy

No, non, geen, ne, nicht, dim.

Such a simple word… in any language, then why is it so darn hard to get out.  I mean seriously, this past Friday (like any other Friday) my mom and I discuss the plans for the weekend and this weekend I couldn’t even write down everything because there was just more and more I kept remembering.

There was work stuff, and studying and people coming to our house, and the Mr. and I going to other people’s houses, and meetings, and church and then all the prep that comes along with some of these and then more things kept coming throughout the weekend.

I seriously don’t know how this happens sometimes.

But, unlike last weekend, there was much productivity even with it being such a busy weekend. I even baked a banana bread! It looked funny and didn’t cook how it was supposed to at all, but it smelled and tasted delicious ( I really need to remember to take pictures before it’s almost all gone).


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