I procrastinate… a bunch (in case you couldn’t tell)

But through the years I have also learned that if I can create a routine and stick with that routine it helps stop some of that procrastination; which is great — most of the time. And truthfully, I have not been in my ‘regular’ routine since the wedding… in November…I keep thinking “this week I’ll get organized” but even with the best of intentions I have been finding it really hard to get back to the gym, or meal plan, or even getting into study mode for the test that I have coming up on Friday (which I have already re-scheduled three times because I wasn’t ready to write). So I got one week of meal planning done, but not this week – nope- not productive at all, hopefully on Saturday I will be able to make another for a couple of weeks even?

If you look at my phone calendar (which I would be completely lost without) you’ll see I have gym time scheduled and prayer reminders, weekly and monthly meetings in there and have recently gotten the Mr. into the habit of putting his work schedule in a shared calendar. These are great things, it helps me plan my days, weeks, and sometimes even months; but if anything unexpected pops up, I am completely thrown off.

So now I am on the hunt, maybe for an app on my phone, maybe for something to have around the house, or maybe something completely different, to make sure that I get things done that I am supposed to get done. Because as I get busier and busier thing are not going to just magically happen and the more I put them off the more I feel like my head is going to explode.


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