Two Month break…. apparently

Wow, how has it been 3 2 months since I wrote last?! Things seem to have really gotten away from me. There has been a lot going on, but at the same time not really.

Since I last posted I have been working on getting this new Norwex adventure off the ground (which is proving to be harder than anticipated); a lot of work things have come up, my church has become an established church which I chose to be a member of, they acquired a new building and a future second gathering place (how awesome is THAT!) and I was able to make it out to Alberta to see my mom and youngest brother whom I have not seen since the wedding!

Mom, Simon, and Noah (Simon’s friend) checking out the  Pirate ship at West Edmonton Mall

I am also trying to find a new place to rent as we are quickly outgrowing our lovely 1 + den apartment and finding a 3+ bed with more than 1 bath (since we are  also having a friend join us) is more difficult than I really think that it should be…

Through all of this I am also working through a book study with the ladies over at Good Morning Girls. It is the first time that I have done a book study online and am liking it a lot, even without the weekly face-to-face meetings they have a fabulous way to engage everyone involved through blog blasts sent out three times a week; not to mention the activity on facebook that they have going up daily. This is all in addition to the free study guide, reading plan, and also a children’s guide so if you have kids at home they can learn along with you. So all I needed to do was actually buy the book and I sure did luck out because it was on sale when I went to pick it up!

The book that we are studying is Jennie Allen‘s book “Anything” and it is an absolutely fabulous book focusing on her story of how her family made a decision to give God everything and points out what that really means to give Him everything so that we are ready to do anything.  At this point we are at the halfway mark and all I can really say is wow!!! There are so many challenges that are in this book, so many examples, and just a realness and honest, open, look of how saying “I will do anything for His glory” is not going to be all flowers, and rainbows, and butterflies. There are going to be sacrifices and doing things that seem way out in left field and completely out of your comfort zone.

Now, I do have to confess that with being on vacation to see family I did fall a bit behind but with the daily news feeds I feel like I was still apart of the group itself, they post everything from the blog posts to the weekly memory verse (these seemed so much easier to remember a a child) and the daily scripture reading and verse to focus on so I don’t feel completely behind but do have a lot of reading on the book to do.

What is also great about how they have it set up; throughout each study you can also have a local group of ladies to talk through what is being read and learned.  This is something that they have year-round and  they also have studies on specific books, or chapters of the bible so if you’re interested in joining me in the fall let me know and I can organize a group!


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