The Pintester Movement – Cookies!

Ok, so here is the deal.  I pin… a lot… but aside from the crafty paper flowers that I made for my wedding (which I found before pinterest) there has been very little that has actually been tried out.  So when Sonja over at blogged that she was doing a Pintester Movement 2.0 this was my chance to try some out.  She even made it super easy to narrow down, limiting what we could try to the 200+ that she has already tried (way easier than my 1100+ of pins).

But obviously, I procrastinated (and also tried not to die in the heat that was Halifax, NS) and completely missed the deadline to share in the movement but I couldn’t not share the 2-ingredient cookies from The Burlap Bag. Check out the pintester trying the recipes out here:

To begin with, I was very skeptical. As Sonja already stated with the 2 Ingredient Cookies that they taste “healthy” I had a sick curiosity of what that actually tasted like because when I bake there are things like butter, and sugar, and more sugar… and chocolate. And sometimes peanut butter (ooo side note Kraft made flavored PB and I want to make cookies with it; when I do I’ll let you know how it goes!)

Ok, back to these two ingredient cookies.. first I gathered all my ingredients: oats, banana, and, me trying to keep it kind of healthy, dark chocolate.


Oh… and I was lazy… so into the food processor it all went.


Once everything was mixed, so in all of 30 seconds I placed this experiment on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and skeptically placed it in my oven.


And they definitely took longer to bake then to pull everything together. I will say that the ONE that I ate was not horrible — there were boys in my house that ate the entire tray! — though if you are going to make these, promise me you won’t use dark chocolate… or maybe add something to sweeten it up.  For someone who hates strongly opposes breakfasts and having to make something, I could see myself pulling a batch of these together so that I can grab and go during the week.

So. Verdict. If you make them not expecting them to taste like cookies, they will not disappoint. I will probably make them again for when I get on my kick of trying to get me to eat breakfast more consistently.

If you liked this then you should definitely go and check out what others have done in the Pintester Movement category 


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