Going "Off the Grid"

This past weekend was fantastic; I rented a car loaded it up with the hubby, a couple of our friends, and a bunch of games and we made our way to a friend’s cottage in New Brunswick. Not just somewhere like Shediac, or Cape-Pele, but a go-off-the-highway-and-drive-for-20-minutes-on-back-roads-to-get-to-the-water kind of cottage.

It was an adventure.

Sunday morning  while everyone was still sleeping 🙂 copyright: Nemo Nimesh Saha 2013
I love to drive, so I loved this adventure and it was so worth it. The nicest thing was the no cell reception, which meant for a whole weekend there was a cottage full of 20-something’s (bless Derrick and Kim, our friend’s dad and step-mom who put up with all of us) who had actual conversations, played cards and board games and had an overall fabulous time without looking at our phones once! It was fantastic! (have I mentioned that yet?)

But it got me thinking.

Thinking about how dependent we have become on our electronics, how many hours are wasted just staring at a screen.  Even as I write this, I have my phone sitting at my feet, several internet tabs open and Netflix streaming on the Xbox.

How often do we truly go electronic free? How often do you have a conversation where your phone doesn’t make an appearance?

Now don’t get me wrong once I got home I was so happy to have my phone back. I couldn’t wait to hear the sound of notifications go off and see the conversations on twitter of people I will never meet in real life.

But I truly believe that there are benefits to go “off the grid”.  I am going to do my best to actually make it a priority, and I’d like to challenge you to try too.

Maybe it is just for a night every week that you devote to board games with  family or friends, or maybe it is for a whole weekend… or more! Enjoy the company of those around you. Take interest in your loved ones. Time goes by so quickly so don’t let something like technology take up all those precious moments.


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