My New Year

Maybe it’s because I was in school for 20 years of my life, maybe it’s that I work at a University, maybe I’m just strange, but I always get excited when August 1 roles around. Why? Because, to me, it means a ‘new’ year is about to begin.
Most people in January make New Year’s resolutions that they tell themselves “this is the year I am going to (fill in the blank)”. Nope. Not me. That’s what August/September looks like.  I buy that brand new agenda, I gather my trusty pen and highlighters and tell myself
self, this year I am going to be organized.
I’m going to make those meal plans.
I’m going to get an exercise routine down.
I’m going to get my routines written down and colour-coded and actually follow them.
….And it never happens. I get to about October and  then it all goes out the window.
Well, not this year.  This year I’m saying it out loud, in public, I’m telling all of you about it so it has to get done… right? Well that is my hope and I will have to let you guys know how it goes!

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