The Pintester Movement – Fall Edition "Mac-and-cheese"

So as you know, earlier in the summer I posted about the Pintester and her movement but in true procrastinator fashion I totally forgot to send the stuff in on time but showed you guys what I did anyway here.

Not this time though.Yes, I left it until the last minute…. and then I realized I had two extra days (thanks Sonja for the reminder email letting me know I had until Sunday not Friday like I thought!) so take a look at what I tried:

As some people may know, I can’t eat…. well anything delicious.  No bread, pasta, pizza. No, not because of gluten… but yeast… and my friends, yeast is in everything. EVERYTHING. So I’ve been trying to make a lot more things from scratch. So when I found this I thought this was perfect especially for when I am cooking for just me.

What is it? It’s “Mac and Cheese” made with Spaghetti Squash! Find the whole recipe on Jo And Sue’s blog. When I came across this I knew that I wanted to try it and it lined up perfectly with the pintester movement.

So what do you need?

— Flour — salt & pepper — Milk (I used lactose-free) — Shredded Cheese — Spaghetti Squash — Green Pepper — Green Onion — Parmesan Cheese

So first you cook the squash so that you get all the spaghetti strings.  How do you cook it properly? Check that out here (I had to).

Here it is cooked and mid-spaghetti making

Then, preheat oven and spray a small casserole dish with cooking spray… or if you’re like me get a fancy do-dad like this and spray lightly with some healthy EVOO

After that your going to mix the flour, salt and pepper over medium heat while slowly wisking the mik in until it is smooth. Then let it cook, while stirring periodically, until thickened.Take it off the heat and stir in the shredded cheese until it’s all melted and smooth again.

Next you’re going to mix your squash and cheese sauce in the casserole bowl and sprinkle with the pepper onion and parm cheese. Bake it for about 20 min. Let cool a bit (if you can) then eat.

As it went into the oven, I found that it was not saucy at all. I would say you’ll either want less squash or more sauce… or both! Other than that it was a nice healthy meal.

Verdict: Spaghetti Squash “Mac & Cheese” needs more cheese!


10 thoughts on “The Pintester Movement – Fall Edition "Mac-and-cheese"

  1. Ooh, I'm allergic to yeast too (though I can have pasta- since it is only flour, water and egg usually, but can't have any veggies or fruits- like the peppers- that haven't been peeled, since the yeast is on the skins of all things that grow). I actually have a yeast-free cooking blog. You might like to check out some of my recipes (though they are for allergies to yeast, instead of candida diet aimed if that is what you have going on, perchance).


  2. Me and spaghetti squash have a terrible history (i.e. I always screw up that whole “cooking” it part), but you are the spaghetti squash whisperer by comparison. And I'm all about the more cheesy, so if I ever decide to tackle the squash again, I'll know to up the sauce!


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