Sometimes, Life just happens

I had made a promise to myself… well really to my readers.

I had promised I would write more. I enjoy sharing my thoughts, I enjoy sharing my trials in the kitchen and here we are over a month between posts again. I feel bad, like I’ve let you as readers down. And to top it off, I received an email not too long ago from blog version 1 saying it was that page’s “2nd year birthday”. Crap…

However, between the time that I dropped the first blog and started Procrastinating Perfectionista, I figured something out, (which is why this blog has still gone on, and the other one, not so much);

Life happens.

Life happens but you will catch back up, things will slow down and hobbies can -and will- be picked back up. I have learned that sometimes, our schedule fills up, sometimes work takes over, sometimes our health – or a family member’s health – takes over.  Sometimes, life just happens. and it’s OK.

I think we all have good intentions – you remember that agenda I had plans for written here, yea… it has not been touched. The darn agenda comes with me everywhere! It’s in my bag and NEVER gets open. Though a positive in all of this, my phone has become just a little bit more colorful. I am happy that I have something handy,…. I just hate that it’s not exactly what I had planned. But sometimes, life just happens and you need to adapt.
Be flexible. Make your plans in pencil, or at least have some white-out near by. It makes life that much easier to pick up where you left off. I promise.

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