A Holiday Project

Something special happened this month, the hubby and I celebrated our 1st anniversary! We cannot believe that it’s already a year of marriage and are already done month 1 of year two.

One of our amazing gifts from family and friends was something that our Best Man organized and we were only allowed to receive on our first anniversary. What was it that he did? At the wedding he passed around a bottle of sparkling cider and double sided tape and asked our guests to add money that they were able to.  My sister-in-law watched over this gift and when we received this gift we were in shock of the generosity of our friends and family.
What we… ok, let’s be honest here… I have wanted to for some time now was a nice camera; so we decided that this was the perfect time to invest in one. I am super excited as photography is something that I have always had a bit of an interest in and there is only so much you can do with a point-and-shoot. I can’t wait to learn and play and discover what this camera can do!

Something I have always thought was a great idea but never really wanted to bombard my fb/twitter/instagram followers with was the  capture 365 idea. Now that I have a new camera I thought this was a perfect excuse to share photos and learn how exactly my camera works best.

Now, seeing as long term projects haven’t held the best track record lately I have decided to begin with December and take it one month at a time.  The list that I am using is from a website that I have been following for some time now called Capture Your 365 and I will be sharing my photos here.

Interested in joining me?


grab your copy of the December list at Capture Your 365

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