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Wifey Wednesday: Submission

…how scary is that word. Submission.
It always seems to go with weak, lesser, giving up.
And I wish that submission, in the context of marriage, was not distorted to the world’s definition of submission. Submission in marriage is supposed to mimic the way we submit our lives to Christ.  It is not a position that we are giving up to have someone control our thoughts, and activities, it is a way to show trust and faith; it is a way that we, as wives, can show that we trust the judgement of what our husbands think best for the family.
But still scary isn’t it?
I hated the thought of submission when people first started having conversations about it.  I didn’t like it at all. I think if I were to go back to that time, I would still hate the idea. But, I think where things go wrong is that ideas like submission come up and immediately we think of the extremes that we see in the news, or see in articles on the internet, and those my friends, are just that. Extremes.
What I have learned, is that in order for this whole submission thing to work, in order for this to not be an extreme, there has to be communication; and trust that both sides are working on a common goal.
Hubby and I always have conversations about important things, no big decision is made without the other involved, whether it is what are we going to be eating for dinner, to where we should move next, to what job is the other person applying for.  There is always a conversation, more oft than not, multiple conversations, and in every case we let each other know how we truly feel and then a decision is made. And I admit, most times I leave it up to him.

I do this because I know that he is the less emotional one, he will make a decision that is the best for both of us and not be suckered into, how nice the landlady was, or how cute the living room will look with our furniture in it, but he will be realistic. And I think that is what submission in a marriage is actually about.

What about you? Did you have the same initial reaction?

What can we do to improve this negative connotation?



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