A look back at 2014

SOOOO how’s everybody doing?

I have been thinking of everyone a lot lately, and was not surprised that the last time I had written something was in March.  This year has been a crazy year, and maybe it’s because it’s coming up to the end of  December, or maybe it’s the slow work day that had me starting this, but I wanted to do a little catch up and let you in on some things that have happened and what I have planned for over the next little bit.

So first here’s what my year has looked like since March.

April – July was a busy work time I go through two different fiscal year ends so once I get home I am pretty wiped.

July – took a trip back down to our friends cottage in NB and had a wonderful time.  This year I managed to stay awake for most of it and found it quite relaxing.

July – August we had Jarrod’s parents down visiting and we were also helping them get Jarrod’s grandmother ready for her move to Ontario.

August – Jarrod and I got a huge, unexpected, wonderful surprise that we were expecting so lots of sleep was had when I was not working/ recovering from a cold

…. Oh! and we moved again (hopefully for the last time for a while)

September – November I’m still sleeping most of my down time away, which was less then the month before, because like a crazy person I decided that taking a class to get closer to my CPA (Chartered Professional Accountants) was a good idea

November – now I’m starting to get energy back (thank you 20 weeks!) class is winding down. I’ve been to 2 baby showers in the past week for friends. And now we’re getting the house ready for Christmas.

….And that is as far as I got before we hit some busy times at work and then Christmas AND THEN 2015 got crazy (watch for that next post)



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