Week 1 – January 18, 2015:

Family and friends, we have made it a whole week with our little man. I was discharged on Thursday, and over the last week some of C’s milestones include: no photo therapy for 3 days- and counting, the nurse practitioner was able to get the more permanent central line in, stomach lines are out, and we tried out feeding (which he’s not quite ready for yet). But the biggest positive is mommy got to have skin-to-skin for an hour and a half last night and he did amazing

 — feeling blessed.

 Week 2 – January 25, 2015:

Two weeks! C and I are doing really well, my milestones were going to the grocery store and getting to church this morning.
C’s milestones this week is that he is almost 3 pounds, has stayed off photo therapy for most of this week and is up to taking 1ml of milk every 2 hours through a feeding tube. We have had skin to skin almost every day this week and made daddy jealous with pictures because he was sick all week, but the week ended with daddy getting some skin-to-skin for an hour yesterday.


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