Week 7 – March 1, 2015

Week 7?!
First of all, how is it March first? I feel like it’s only supposed to be January.
Jarrod and I are doing well, we have both managed to stay healthy this week and we made it to church this morning smile emoticon Tomorrow night Jarrod and I will be taking some time to look at cars since ours died at the end of December. We are really hoping to find one that suits our price range and fits Jarrod comfortably with room for the car seat.
C is doing fantastic this week. As of yesterday he was 1.99kg so is gaining some good chub. He has also gone up in the amount of milk he gets so is again at his max feeds which is close to 40ml.
Tomorrow they are going to try extubation again, with the ENTs present. We are hoping that this is it since both scopes came back clean and he had been on a course of steroids. He is also on all the minimal settings of his vent so we are all hoping this is a good sign.

Week 8 – March 8, 2015

Our little monkey is doing really well. He is very close to 5lbs and is still eating like a champ. We have found the max amount of food that he is able to eat at one time but it’s still lots and he seems to be satisfied until his next feed.
As you can see Mr C still has his breathing tube in. The ENT team and NICU team had a discussion Monday morning and decided the best thing for our little man would be to give him an extra week for his airway to get stronger. We agreed it was the best decision, but, being the monkey that he is, there were a lot of bean bags used to stop a head moving or arms and legs stretching out.
This Tuesday is when we will be trying again to get the cpap started and if all goes well C will also get a bed upgrade to a crib as he is now getting too warm in the incubator.
For mommy and daddy we are still looking for a car and are getting the house, and specifically the nursery, ready for a month from now when our monkey is ready to come home

 Week 9 – March 15, 2015

It’s Sunday, so obviously there’s another storm. But a little bit of sunshine we have is that our little monkey is growing so much smile emoticon
This week the breathing tube and airway were looked at and with the swelling that was present they decided to keep the breathing tube in for a little while longer. He has been doing pretty well, just irritated with the tube, but is breathing with room air and the machine is being weened down to a setting that is just pressure making sure everything is peachy.
Other than this, the other milestone was that our little man moved to a crib! He was getting too big for the incubator and was also getting warm so they decided to move him over smile emoticon
This week we have nan and pop visiting from Ontario so there will be lots of time hanging out with our monkey.



Week 10 – March 22, 2015

2.5 months guys! This week C had daily visits from nan and pop (Jarrod’s parents) and that meant we made it to most of the morning rounds, when it wasn’t snowing.
I think it was in rounds where they said it best. They said “we’re just waiting”. This week there were no changes in how much he ate, no changes in meds, and no changes in the fact that he is breathing solely on room air…. So we are just waiting and praying and hoping that the swelling in his airway is going down.
This week was big for mom and dad as we finally have a new vehicle and will be selling our corolla hopefully today, if not, sometime this week.
So now we wait, we wait for C to get the swelling down, we wait for the car to be taken out of the garage, and we wait (along with everyone in the maritimes) for spring.
Oooooooohhhhhh! And I think we are getting a red head.

Week 11 – March 29, 2015

C is still doing great. He has still been gaining lots of weight and is almost 6 lbs! This week we’ve been getting lots of snuggles in and Jarrod got to give C his bath the night before his big photo shoot for the school of nursing, hopefully in the next couple weeks we’ll have some photos to share. This week C is going to have another scope done on Tuesday and this will hopefully be the lucky time that he keeps the tube out 


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