Week 21 – June 7, 2015

Mr. C has had a great week again, he’s had mommy staying for the whole day every day from 7-6 and then grabbing daddy from work and then staying until 11. We have also had a few sleepovers that have gone really well.
This week we were able to discontinue C’s injections for his clot which was very exciting since it is so hard to see all the bruises the needle leaves. We also heard back about our needs in order to go home and the continuing care assistants that are lined up have already taken care of trach children so we just need them to start here in the hospital to get used to C, Jarrod and I.
This week we’re hoping to find out more about home equipment and will be starting day passes on loaner equipment. So soon I’ll be hanging with my man at home during the day and he’ll still be watched by nurses here at the hospital at night. These steps to getting home make everything so real!


Week 22 – June 14, 2015

It’s still Sunday! I am not late!
This week was a good week, I continued to have 7 am days this week, but Thursday and Friday we were able to take C home and we hung out while daddy was at work. 
Friday we had our nurse coordinator drop off the price comparisons for machines and supplies and tomorrow we will try to arrange an order and hopefully we will be home soon!
Today we took a big step and we took the monkey to church this morning, it was nice to do something ‘normal’, and we can’t wait to do it again! 
This week we have our 1 month eye check and we will be starting to train the two continuing care assistants that will be coming in to our home 5 nights a week.

Week 23 – June 24, 2015


Good morning friends and family,

I realise this update is a bit later than usual, but with father’s day and the beginning of this week being so crazy it didn’t get done. 
Last week C and I spent most of our days at the hospital so that if things needed to happen for our discharge planning we would be here. Monday Jarrod had the day off, but because we were expecting an eye exam we all hung out at the IWK. But we didn’t actually get to see the eye doctors until Tuesday! The good news is C’s eyes still look good and we won’t have to have them looked at for at least 6 months. 
Wednesday we met our first care worker, and some of the team that would be doing back up for sick calls etc. and she is fantastic. She has been doing nights here at the hospital since Sunday and everything seems to be going well. 
Thursday C and I took a walk up to Dalhousie where he got spoiled, along with a co-worker’s little guy at a joint baby shower. We were not excepting the showing that we received and felt quite blessed by the team. Once we came back we met the second worker who will be part of our home team and he also seems good, we will most likely have a few nights with him here at the hospital next week before we get to go home. 
Thursday also brought some complications between insurance and medical equipment which meant our stay was extended into this week, BUT, we have an amazing team that is doing their best to get us home as soon as possible. 
One very exciting thing was Jarrod’s first father’s day, we started with getting up super early, then Daddy having a nap before church and then some time spent with friends at a BBQ and time with aunt Courtney.

Week 24 – June 28, 2015

This week Jarrod was off work so we spent a lot of time at home and doing “normal” things like a Costco run and trying to get the house ready. It has been great, and it was made even better by having the little monkey with us! 
This week C had us on our toes and his secretions from his trach changed just enough to get us worried which resulted in us staying at the hospital today to be monitored after a coughing fit led to an entire trach change last night. At this point C seems to be doing ok, super alert when he’s awake, no fever, still having normal wet diapers, etc. So now we just wait for the results of the secretions that we had sent to the lab to make sure it’s not more serious.
And exciting!!!! We just had the charge nurse drop off one of the loaner machines so with that and the ones we use from his room we should be at least able to go on overnight passes and very soon we should be discharged! We CANNOT wait!
P.S. I swear he’s awake lots too…. Just not as many pictures are of those moments!



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