Week 16 – May 3, 2015

So another big week over here, and it all started with one of the nurses deciding that it was silly that Mr. Man was being limited on his milk intake.
She decided to warm up the milk and just let him take as much as he wanted and he ate the whole thing! So now we let him tell us how many ml he’d like to take, so he is now taking about 80% of his feeds by bottle. This week we might try to feed straight from the source, but again, we’ll let Mr man be the judge. With his food we have reduced the calories so that he doesn’t keep gaining weight as much as he has. Currently our monkey is 9lbs!
This week we actually didn’t get a family meeting because there are about 12 different people wanted there so we are praying the meeting comes together and goes well Tues afternoon.
This week C had me changing his dressings and I watched his newest trach change so that I can do the next one. Jarrod has completed the manual and will also be working towards suctioning and dressing changes.
Ever since moving to NICU 2 we have been getting a lot more freedom. We are able to take him in and out of the crib, hold him as long as we want and with our stroller at the hospital I have taken him, with our nurse, around the 3rd floor a couple times these last couple of days.
This week daddy and I also had a date night that involved sushi and a cheesecake sampling and got a night out to friends the next night.




Week 17 – May 10, 2015

Happy mother’s day everyone! Especially to my mommy!!

This week seemed to go by so fast! Jarrod and I did get our family meeting on Tuesday and it was nice to have most of the team all together, and to meet the people we will be meeting in the near future. The big topic was whether or not the paediatric floor would accept C, and that was a yes, so now we are waiting for the staffing so that we can move up to the 7th floor, we are hoping that this will happen tomorrow (on C’s 4 month).This week we travelled outside with daddy and C liked the breeze but found it much too bright, so we will need to find him some sunglasses.

Mr. Piggy is now eating most of his feeds by bottle, and this weekend we have been trying to feed without topping up with an ng tube and so far, so good. Tonight is weigh night so we will see how it goes.

This week was another big week for mom and dad too. Jarrod has been doing more suctioning and has done a couple of C’s trach dressing changes and is doing really well; and I did my first trach change…. It was terrifying, but we both survived and will be doing it again this week so that I can get my 3 in and then my next training will be for his medical injections. 

We are getting so much closer to home!

Week 18 – May 17, 2015

And we are closer and closer every week to getting home!

On Monday we were moved from NICU to PMU (paediatric medical unit) and have been taking this week to get used to being in new surroundings and new operations, which after 4 months have not been easy.

This week has been a lot of passing on information and history to SOOO many different groups of people, it’s hard and a little annoying but anything to get us closer to home! Speaking of home, one of the first people I talked with was the doctor covering rounds and she was saying that if we were there for three weeks she would be surprised, so we are all praying and crossing our fingers.

Unfortunately on the with the move up C was swabbed for MRSA a resistant strain of staph and came back positive. For the most part it means nothing, but to those with weakened immune systems like those on C’s floor we are on contact precautions which means any of the staff coming in are wearing gloves and gowns. We are allowed visitors so if you would like to check out our digs you are more than welcome to.

This week for C was a bit rough, he didn’t feed as much this week and lost some grams on Wednesday but since then has been slowly taking more.

We have also done another trach change which he slept through, dad has been doing more suctioning and dressing changes and gave his first injection Friday night, so things are definitely coming together. 


Week 19 – May 24, 2015

Good Morning everyone! I must say this weather is getting better and better all the time, I can’t wait until we can bring the little munchkin home and go for walks together.
This week was a bit of a slower week. C has been increasing the amount of food he has been taking at each feed and has also been gaining some weight, he is now 9 lbs and 11 oz!

This week was a bigger week for daddy and I; Jarrod did his first trach change and rocked it; we gave C a bath and he slept through the entire change. I have also finished my trach training as of yesterday with my third trach change and we both have now given injections for Mr. Man.

This week we are hoping to get some more info on when we can get home. With the training coming together what we are waiting on now is getting the nurses and the equipment lined up to come home.

Week 20 – May 31, 2015

Good morning everyone,
Again this week C had a fairly uneventful, unchanged week. He is continuing to go up in the amounts he eats and is slowly gaining weight. It’s been wonderful to watch him grow and develop, yesterday I was watching him move side to side….it won’t be too long now before he is rolling over.

Today Jarrod will be doing his second trach change and will be getting closer to getting Mr man home. Talking about getting home, we have found out that our insurance company is very easy and is making getting everything set up easy for our community nurse that arranges everything for us. So we have started the process to line up our equipment for the house and an email to the company that provides continuing care assistants (CCAs) has been sent. Once we have a few CCAs lined up they will come to the hospital and train in the skills lab and after that will do some shifts in the hospital to get used to C, Jarrod and myself.

In the coming weeks we have also been asked to stay at the hospital so that we can get used to what C is like at night and so that we are doing most of his care. They like to do this so that we get a transition period and are not thrown into the deep end at home.
We do have a goal date to get home, but are not wanting to jinx it, so just know that we now have a date that we are working towards and we should be home sooner than later!



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