IWK Timeline

A collection of the Peckham adventure starting New Year’s Eve when I was admitted to the IWK and then having C 10 days later.

The Expecting Announcement:

Friends and family, thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes. I had a lovely day and now I have a birthday surprise to share with all of you. After two years Jarrod and I have some thrilling news!
Sadly it isn’t that we finally figured out that darn flux capacitor for time travel. However, we are out of our minds excited to announce that we are expecting our family to grow! Baby P arriving April 2015

The Birth Announcement:

Jarrod and I are very excited to announce that after an eventful 2 weeks, we welcomed baby P at 2:35 a.m. on Jan 11, 2015. He and I are doing very well and we are still working on the full name but he doesn’t seem to mind and is very active when we go to see him in the NICU

 — feeling blessed.






The “We’re Home” Announcement:

July 2, 2015: Ok, I can’t wait any longer, I was going to wait for the Sunday update to come around but I think I’m going to burst! Mr. C has been discharged and we have been home since Tuesday afternoon! We have had two good nights with our CCA and I LOVE not having to leave my house before 7 in the morning.

Couldn’t stop celebrating!
All packed up and ready to go!!


First night in my own bed…. it’s super comfy!

Grieving a Loss


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