Sleep…. It’s important

21 hours.

The amount of time I was up yesterday.

Something that runs in my family is really bad sleep schedules, so yesterday when I woke up at 2:30 in the morning I got up, checked on the little man and his care worker, went to the bathroom, then went downstairs grabbed some water and turned on a familiar show to snuggle in on the couch; hoping that I would fall back asleep.

I did, for an hour, at 5:30 am.

The rest of the day was pretty unproductive, I stayed on the couch after dropping C. off at daycare and worked on Jamberry stuff — side note: if I haven’t told you about Jamberry get at me! I LOVE that stuff — and decided to ramp up the blog again *I’ll pause for applause*😉

Life was pretty chill, that was, until suppertime.
Now there had been some confusion on supper prep so I was in the kitchen helping hubby cook dinner and Mr C, wanting to help, I gave him a tin can to put in the recycling… Can you see where this is going?…

I watched him carefully, telling him multiple times to put the can into the blue bag, and then he stuck his hand in the can!

The next few moments were a blur of red and tears and hubby and I yelling directions at each other. There was so much blood coming out of this little 2 year old finger that we wrapped it up as best we could (thank you trach supplies!), and headed out the door to our local children’s hospital.

No shoes or jacket on little man, I was in a work out tank and yoga pants, the only one semi put together was daddy!

Once we got to emergency things started to sink in, I started to feel absolutely horrible and we went through triage and checking in (something we were very familiar with) and then we waited… and waited…. and waited (something we are not familiar with at all) and then at 10:30pm we were all home, little man had 3 stitches placed and was so overtired.

Hubby and I tag teamed finishing up supper prep, ate at 11:30 and finally went to bed after giving Tylenol to the little man at 12:30.

We are always SO happy to have our care givers watching our little man, but last night we were SOOO glad we didn’t have to worry about getting up any time the little one did.

Today Mr man went to daycare and was ready to show off his bandaid to his teacher and paint, but dad, and especially mom were exhausted!

I am so happy for those Starbucks rewards for my venti, extra shot, blonde espresso hazelnut latte today let me tell you!


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