Christians and Mental Health

Mental Health has always been something quite taboo.  Thankfully, as more people talk about it, talk about their experiences it has been something that is becoming more and more accepted.

One area, whether real, or imagined that I think that we have a hard time is those that suffer with mental health that are Christians. I have been debating writing about this for a bit now… but as I sit here with a splitting headache because I didn’t take my medication on time, it hit me at just how important this is.

**Disclaimer** this post is all my own thoughts, I am in no way an expert. I am just sharing my experiences and thoughts as I have gone through these things. 

I feel like when you are a christian a lot of times when you bring up that you are struggling the responses you get are questions.

Questions asking if you are doing your devotions, diving into the Word. Are you talking with God? And none of these are bad things, don’t get me wrong. BUT they are not the only things.

I firmly believe that when you are sick, which includes your mental HEALTH, God can 100% heal, yes, but He also provided us with Doctors and medication to help us get better. I procrastinated with seeking treatment, and to be completely honest it was partly because I thought I wasn’t doing enough in my own spiritual development.  I wasn’t reading my Bible enough, I wasn’t trusting and talking to God enough, but in all reality I needed to trust that God would put the people into my life that would have my best interest and health in mind. And He did.

I have been on some form of medication for my anxiety and, lately, depression for several years now and I can honestly say it helps.  I have the energy to go for a walk, talk to friends, my focus is still awful, but what is great is I can still work on my devotions by using my Bible app and have it read to me.  I want to pray, I want to talk with God, I want to be in fellowship with others that are part of the church.

I also want to encourage you, if you have come into any of this, routine is key. Start small. A little bit of exercise, slowly adjust your meals and snacks to be healthier, talk to some one, and if needed talk to a doctor about medication. Mental health is dealing with neurotransmitters– it is an illness, it is health.  It is not me, it is not you. It is not something we are missing out on doing, or something we are not doing enough of.  We can 100% be healed with His power, but I also believe we can be healed through His power by the intelligence He gave others that developed the medication to help us while we are here on this earth. Psalm 3-3 (1)

Need some place to start in a devotion? Check out the Psalms. Many of these are David talking with God in Praise, but also in times of trouble, I love my Bible App because they have done the hard work for me. They have so many devotionals that are just so encouraging (when I have the focus to go through them– I’m really trying, but it is not consistent at all!) If you don’t already use one check out the app by LifeChurch: Bible (Google App Store).Carmen - Blog





**I am in no way compensated for the mention of the Bible App. This is just my favourite and want to be able to share as much as I can with all of you 




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