7 Day Challenge

Seriously guys, where does the time go?! This past week FLEW by. My mother in law was in town for a week-ish for Easter with the little man and the family and we had SO much fun.  We had an egg hunt and adventures to the park and to the Discovery Centre (our local science museum… would science be the right description?!) And there were more sinks of dishes washed then there has been in a long time because our dishwasher was broken.


We loved having Nan down, but today was our first full day that we were home without her and we totally miss her already but what really hit me was that we are very close to the end of April… and with that, I realized I totally flopped on the 30-day challenge I thought I was going to tackle for the month.

This challenge focused on Self-Improvement.  I was so excited, I thought I had the energy to do this, I thought I had the focus to make it through, it was one simple thing every day for 30 days… but it didn’t happen.

I couldn’t keep up.

That is OK.

I am still dealing with a lot of fatigue.

I am still dealing with a lack of focus.

I am still dealing with days where all I can make myself do is drop everyone off and come home to watch Netflix, and

that is OK (do you sense a theme over the past few posts?!)


SO. Instead of being defeated or deterred; I found a smaller goal. A 7-day Attitude Adjustment Challenge. 7-days of SUPER simple tasks that just take a little bit of reflection, and if I can make it, awesome. If I get a few days, awesome.   I am super excited to end off April with something to get me focused heading into a new month and also to have some positive thoughts and actions to focus on, especially on the days that are just rough.

Do you want to join me?  Check out the full week long challenge here, and make sure to tell me if you blog about it!
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