Check in: 31 Day De-Clutter Challenge

Ok guys, confession time.  I haven’t checked in earlier because I have not done anything… oops.

Part of the reason is because last week was just a really hard week.  I had a bad headache one day, I had some SUPER hard emotional days (the weather was definitely not helping), and I just really didn’t know where to start.

Then it hit me.

My craft room.

The room that I hide to to get things done.

The room that has been neglected, well, since we moved here…in 2014.

What I love about this challenge is that you are not doing a lot of work, it’s a tiny bit every day… and if you are behind, well you just count how many items you are behind and keep picking away, or just start on the day that you are on.

So my day 1 and 2 are totaling 3 items that belong to someone else, so now they are in their own bags in an obvious spot downstairs so that I can bring it to church to deliver them back to their owners.

Today is the 10th… so I will work on finding 10 items today.

If I can, I will work on days that I have missed. BUT the big win today will be those 10 items and putting dishes away!

Hopefully, my next check in will be a bit more detailed, or at least have a few more productive days. If you are interested in items that I will be getting rid of I will be posting these items in a public google doc here where you can take a look to see if there is anything that interests you, and at the end of the month I will be donating the remaining items to places that need them. The goal is to get rid of almost 500 (!!!!) items.

Have a great, even if it’s grey like here, day! And know that any action big or little is positive 🙂
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